Sell More Online During Social Distancing

Social Distancing Measures are Driving More People to Shop Online. Is Your Business Ready to Sell More Online?

E-commerce and Online Ordering

Don’t miss out on online sales that are happening now. Upgrade your website today to be ready to take online orders and sell more online. We offer:

  • Quick and easy online ordering or payment forms
  • Complete e-commerce integration utilizing WooCommerce
  • Prices start at $395

Digital Marketing

In addition to making transactions online, this might be a great time to enhance your digital marketing efforts and or your website. Here are some of the steps the team at Inspire Marketing recommends to help your customers find you and buy from you during this time:

  1. Ensure your website has well-optimized content
  2. Make sure your Google My Business page has the most accurate and up-to-date information including how customers can buy if they can’t visit your store or business
  3. Improve the user experience of your website to increase online conversions
  4. Explore paid advertising opportunities, including social media ads
  5. Develop engaging email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website
  6. Use video in your posts so that you stand out in crowded social media newsfeeds.

Our team is ready to help you implement all or some of these marketing solutions to help you sell more online!