Tell Your Story Through Content Strategy

Every business has a story to tell. It’s a story about who you are as a business, what you have to offer, and who you are offering your products or services to. Helping your customers and prospects understand these elements is at the core of great sales and marketing execution. To do this it is essential to know your customers, how they buy, and why they buy. These customer insights allow us to generate content strategies that help you tell your story to your customers and prospects and show them why they should buy from you. We help clients communicate clearly to their prospects and customers.

The Purpose of Content

Content can include many different elements, such as: text, photos, video, or audio that appears on a webpage, email, or printed brochure, etc. The key to a great marketing piece or website is not just making it look good, but rather to fill it with purposeful, strategic content.  At Inspire Marketing, we believe that the purpose of content is to:

  1. Inform customers on your products and services, or your industry
  2. Persuade customers to take action — make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, share something
  3. Entertain audience and build positive report
  4. Help your website get found on Google and other search engines.

Why Content Matters

The content on your website or in your marketing piece allows you to connect with your customers and prospects. Having a marketing presence is not enough, you need to make sure that your marketing engages customers with relevant content. Despite what most people think, your content does need to be updated regularly. A key reason why is that you want your content to be up to date. Often times, your website is your company’s first impression for most consumers, so your website should be updated with new content often to ensure they keep coming back. Content also helps your business in these five specific areas:

  1. Provides Information to Your Customers– Your customers are looking at your website or marketing materials for a reason. Your content is your opportunity to provide more information about the products and services you offer. The more information you can provide a potential customer, the more confident they will feel about you and your business’ abilities.
  2. Differentiates You from Your Competitors – Your website and marketing materials are about you and what you can do. These core marketing tactics are your opportunity to build your reputation as an industry leader. If a customer is faced with a decision between two equal products or services, typically they will select the one they know more about and understand better. That is where content can help you to differentiate.
  3. Helps Increase Search Engine Rankings– Optimizing your web content with keywords can greatly mprove your ranking in search engine results. Our content strategists focus on writing SEO friendly content. But that doesn’t mean that we only write for search engines. The content strategists and copywriting specialists at Inspire Marketing write relevant content that engages your customers and prospects and is easy to ready while still attracting the attention of search engines.
  4. Decreases Website Bounce Rates– Studies have found that when a website viewer lands on a new page, they spend an average of just under six seconds scanning the content on that page. That means you have less than six seconds to impress them with attractive, organized, and informative content. Good content not only means that more customers are likely to find your site but that they are also more likely to  stay on your page longer.
  5. Allows You to Close More Sales– You got someone to your website or have a proposal in front of them. Now what? Having the right call to action in your content can make all the difference between closing a sale  and losing a sales opportunity. Calls to action can be anything from asking them to sign up for a trial, clicking a link to read more about a product, or contacting you for more information. Having great content that is written based on your call to action makes the user more likely to act.